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    Recently ranked #8, on Amazon, out of the top 100 bestsellers in gardening and herb books!

   This book is fun to read, interesting and informative for the foodie or plant lover and a keeper! Big Jon - Nursery owner -4-26-2020

   So, yes, I would recommend the Beginner's Guide for all, from novices to experts in herb growing and their uses. Deanna M.

       There's a lot more to this book than I expected! I'd venture to say "You can't go wrong with the purchase of this book!" Beverly                

        This is an excellent resource for herb growers. Ginney

       I am so happy I bought this book! This "herb bible" will be used a lot.  Vicki                                                                                                                                                                       An interesting read whether you are a gardener or cook or just looking for new information.  Amalie

   This is a comprehensive and fascinating compilation of about every herb you can possibly think of. Michelle

   Just a super book! Summer

   A must for every gardener and cook! Barbara

  A great resource for the growing of herbs! Desiree'

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   The Beginner's Guide to Growing Herbs and their Culinary, Medicinal and Mystical Properties helps beginning and seasoned gardeners cultivate the most popular herbs on the market, and delivers must-have information on how to use them for myriad purposes. From classic herbs to Native American plants, this condensed and easy-to-read guide gives detailed information on the culinary, medicinal and mystical uses of each herb. Gardeners learn everything about each herb including the common and scientific name, plant family,origin, growing zone, plant type, inclination (invasive or non-invasive), exposure, growth, propagation method, harvest time, soil needs, weather tolerance and more. 

   This extensive herb book goes beyond the traditional gardening guide by offering pages on how to use herbs to make herbal teas, oils and ointments, sodas, candy, incense, capsules, candles, herbal infusions, decoctions, pastes, poultices and   aromatherapy. Tired of taking pills and want to know what herbs to use to ease what ails you? This book  details which herbs are best for whatever human ailment is bothering you, some 275 of them!   

   It's the book every gardener needs in their arsenal!

           Pages: 288          Publication Date June 21, 2019                      Publisher : Unsolicited Press                                            Author: Gary Carter

                             Just published!
                       "LEANDRA'S CHILDREN"
             Follow a young, married couple back in time to
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   I was born in San Diego, California, on May 2nd, 1938 and graduated from Sweetwater High School (National City California) in June of 1956, joining the United States Marine Corps in 1957 and honorably discharged in 1960. I attended Grossmont Community College afterward, obtaining an AS in science, and continued my education  at San Diego State University as a Botany major. My poems have appeared in the Port Orford News as well as the Las Vegas Sun and other venues.

  My published books (not counting Leandra's Children  or Beginner's Guide ) include three other science fiction novels:  Jump Start. an apocalyptic science fiction thriller concerning the origin of Dragons (2003), and The Cedars of Lebanon, a time trip adventure back to ancient Lebanon, circa 600 BC, where three women try to save a dying Earth after and all out war devastates the Mideast (2018), and Mars Calling a story about a young, married couple who travel to Mars to try and better their lives only to find out that it's not anything they expected to be like.  Also a national award winning military/political thriller (2007) For The Good Of The Many, set in Vietnam during, and after, the war as well as in Malibu, CA, and Mystic Summer, a multi-cultural love story set in 1954 concerning the racial bias, hatred and bigotry occurring during that time period (2010). Poetry books include My City by the Sea, Imagery and Songs From The Southern Oregon Coast, a compilation of 56 poems and short stories, written by 56 south coast writers telling what they love about living along the southern Oregon coast (one of the most beautiful places on our planet), along with some history and mythology concerning the area. I am the father of four,  the grandfather of thirteen, and the great grandfather of 17. Yikes!

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   Imagery - Poems to make you Laugh, Cry, Wonder, Doubt and Argue About - Cost is $12.00 from me which includes S&H - Includes three award winning poems: My City by the Sea - My Window Sill & Sunlight Through the Tress

   Jump Start - An apocalyptic  novel concerning dragons - Where they came from, where they went and what they did all the years in between. Now considered a classic by many! Only two copies left -$150.00 each - includes S&H. Two used copies recently sold on Amazon for over $200.00. A real collector's item!

    For The Good Of The Many - Award Winning Military/Political Novel concerning one Marine's quest to stay alive after a harrowing experience in Vietnam puts him on the U.S. governments to get him off the streets, dead or Alive. $25.00  new, $20.00 used - in good condition 

   Songs From The Southern Oregon Coast - Cost is $20.00 from me which includes S&H - Songs is a compilation of 56 poems and short stories from 56 authors who reside along the southern Oregon coast and give the reasons why they think this is one of the most beautiful and magical places on Earth.

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                                                        And now some 5 Star book reviews for Beginner's Guide

     Ever wonder what the mystical uses of parsley are? Well, now you can find out. Who knew that it is associated with purification, fertility and happiness? Who knew that it may protect you from contaminated food? That itis supposed to cover the smell of alcohol on my breath? This book is fun to read, interesting and informative for the foodie or plant lover, and a keeper! Big John - Nursery owner - 4-28-2020

    A Treasure Trove.   Gary Carter's compendium of info on herbs is, indeed, a treasure trove. In a clear, concise like format, 211 different uses of herbs are detailed, including whether or not the herb is recommended for the seaside. This is very important information for those of us that live on the Pacific Coast. The beauty of this approach is that one can choose an herb that sounds interesting and see also whether it is deer resistant (another plus for all), and if butterflies, bees and birds are particularly attracted to the herb listed. Besides the culinary uses or not, it was very interesting to read  the accompanying paragraphs about the medicinal and spiritual properties. So it seems that my night pillow will be filled with a potpourri of herbs such as sage, rosemary, lavender, violets and mullein to ward off nightmares, to help sleep, to soothe the troubled soul, etc., and, most importantly at my age, to help memory. The special sections on native American use (46 examples) and how to use the herbs in making home products has been well delineated by other reviewers. I totally approve of their messages. The writing style is down to earth and Gary's sense of humor shines through. I had to smile when I read that the only thing red peppers attract are salsa lovers. So yes, I would recommend the Beginner's guide for all, from novices to experts in herb growing and their uses. Deanna M.  2-27-2020  

    I am so happy I bought this book. It's full of information and just an interesting read. My favorite parts were located in the back of the book. Information on herbal remedies for what ails you, also bee friendly plants and deer resistant plants. Always good to know if you're a gardener. The medicinal and mystical portion's were informative, fun to read. I highly recommend it to anyone who gardens or loves to cook with herbs. There's a lot more to this book than I ever expected. I'd venture to say "you can't go wrong with the purchase of this book". Beverly Daugherty2-20-20

   A great resource for the growing of herbs. Especially love the chapters on Bee Friendly plants and Deer Resistant Plants and "How To's". A complete guide and a definite kitchen staple. Desiree'  11-07-2019

   This is an excellent resource for herb growers, whether they're beginners or already delving into the field. Carter has plenty of knowledge for culinary and medicinal users, as well as gardening. The book is formatted well, making it easy to find what you're looking for. Ginney Etherton  10-14-2019

   I am so happy I bought this book! First off, the various historical descriptions per culture of the herbal remedies through the years was a pleasant surprise. I generally prefer to try and treat a discomfort naturally before resorting to a medical prescription. The book is easy to use in that the table of contents is in the front by herb, with a compilation in the back of human ailments and their herbal remedies. I also appreciated the comprehensive sections on American Indian herbal remedies. Then the breakdown of each herb by its culinary, medicinal and mystical uses provides the reader with not only complete information, but fun information. This "herb bible" will be used a lot. I am in the process now of designing a more useful herb garden and will be including herbs I had not considered prior to reading this. Vicki O. 9-03-2019

"The Beginner's Guide to Growing Herbs and Their Culinary, Medicinal and Mystical Properties" by Gary Carter is an interesting read whether you are a gardener, a cook, or just looking for new information. Carter has delved into European, Ancient Greek and Native American lore and more, to find the many ways people have used herbs through the ages and what was believed were their mystical and medical, as well as culinary, uses. Pick up a copy and open to any page to learn about herbs along with a bit of history as well. Amalie Hill  9-02-2019

This is a comprehensive and fascinating compilation of about every kind of herb you can possible think of. Clearly written, thoroughly detailed, an extensive resource as well as interesting. I particularly enjoyed the bits of history and lore among the more scientific data. Whether someone's interest is casual, looking for guidance, or more academic and looking for state-of-the-art, this is a great reference. Michelle Duarte - 8-25-2019

Just A Super Book! Summer 8-23-2019

     I find this book not only completely informative on herbs, but very extensive on each and every herb. there are certain herbs that most people know nothing about, and I am one o those people! Looking up even the familiar ones, I learned more than I already know about them! Great book for anyone interested in gardening, cooking and general knowledge about the origin of the plant and even its medicinal benefits! Just overall complete description of many herbs! A must for any gardener and cook, it's all there! My admiration to Gary Carter, the author, for his dedication to do the research on so many herbs. Great reading, great information. Barbara Poole  8-22-2019